Tran Phu Beach in Nha Trang Vietnam: All You Need to Know

  Beaches in Nha Trang are spread out around the beach resort city, offering a myriad of recreational and sightseeing activities for visitors looking to soak up the sun during their vacation. Often called the Riviera of the East Sea, Nha Trang boasts about 6 km stretch of beautiful coastline with a wide array of accommodation and dining options set along beautiful white sandy beaches. No two beaches are the same in the City of Nha Trang, ranging from the bustling Tran Phu Beach for visitors who want to be in the centre of all the action to the more remote Long (Bai Dai) Beach that is ideal for when you want to escape from overcrowded city. Some of these locales may be a long way driving from Nha Trang City, but the tranquil scenery of the coastal line makes it worth a trip. Tran Phu Beach in Nha Trang is easy to walk to from almost anywhere in the city, making it become the most popular beach in the area. It hosts the iconic Street of Tran Phu, which is a beauti